Second #ResNetSLT_Rendezvous a roaring success

We hosted our exciting second #ResNetSLT_Rendezvous 'Tweet Meet' during the RCSLT conference in Glasgow at the end of September.

It was a very busy conference with over 500 delegates, and great to make lots of new connections by meeting up in front of our ResNetSLT poster. You can download a pdf of the full poster here.

Look for all the comments on our own hashtag #ResNetSLT_Rendezvous – you can find these on Google search even if you're not on Twitter.

This was the first chance to meet some of the members of our brand new ResNetSLT Action Group and we'll be posting more news about this very soon.

We took the chance to interview @WeAHPs founder Dr Joanne Fillingham (see below) – thanks Jo for your great comments and advice to us all.

We filmed these video clips in front of our #ResNetSLT poster and when you play the videos you'll hear the buzz of the RCSLT Conference all around us.

You can find lots of highlights and research news by searching for the hashtag #RCSLT2017 – the conference was trending on Twitter.

And please remember to check back for further updates coming very soon.

#ResNetSLT_Rendezvous @HazelRoddam1 tells #RCSLT2017 all about #ResNetSLT @EmmaPagnamenta @RCSLTResearch
— Joanne Fillingham (@jkfillingham) September 28, 2017

#ResNetSLT_Rendezvous @HazelRoddam1 asks @jkfillingham about her role @NHSImprovement at #RCSLT2017 #AHPsintoAction #ResNetSLT
— Joanne Fillingham (@jkfillingham) September 28, 2017

#ResNetSLT_Rendezvous @HazelRoddam1 asks @jkfillingham what can #SLTs do to demonstrate impact of their practice? #ResNetSLT #RCSLT2017
— Joanne Fillingham (@jkfillingham) September 28, 2017

#ResNetSLT_Rendezvous @HazelRoddam1 asks @jkfillingham how can you benefit from getting more involved in #ResNetSLT at #RCSLT2017
— Joanne Fillingham (@jkfillingham) September 28, 2017