Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Using Twitter to help close the research-to-knowledge-to-practice gap in SLP/SLT worldwide

The ResNetSLT project will link up with @WeSpeechies on Tuesday, 10th October (10–11.00am UK time) to jointly host a Tweetchat.

@HazelRoddam1 and @BronwynHemsley will team up to lead a discussion entitled: 'Using Twitter to help close the research-to-knowledge-to-practice gap in SLP/SLT worldwide'.

Experienced SLP/SLT tweeters often report not being confident in using Twitter, or being 'the only one' in their department to embrace Twitter as a method of exchanging critical information.

In the UK, the hashtag #ResNetSLT was launched to promote increased awareness and implementation of the research evidence-base by SLP/SLT practitioners.

Through hosting themed discussions on applied clinical research papers, #ResNetSLT aims to support SLPs/SLTs to gain more confidence in understanding research design issues and the principles of evidence-based practice.

The hashtag #WeSpeechies is used to focus on a specific topic for a week, involving a different curator each week.

Both #ResNetSLT and #WeSpeechies provide opportunities for SLPs/SLTs to take up 'advanced tweeting' skills, and at the same time encourage many more SLPs/SLTs to make that leap from 'lurker' to 'tweeter'.

This week's one-hour chat will use the #ResNetSLT tag, and several tweets will also sport the #WeSpeechies tag, to ensure the conversation can be seen in both hashtag communities.

Questions will be as follows:
  • Tweeting at work is tough, and tweeting at home can be hard. How do YOU balance your 'work-life-tweeting'?
  • Does the info you find in Twitter stick? What makes you notice it? How can we better promote 'gems' of critical information?
  • What kind of thing do you discover through Twitter – and from whom - that ultimately change your practice?
  • How do you help yourself (or others) to advance in Twitter skills, get more confident, and use Twitter to make a difference?

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