The NEW @ResNetSLT Twitter presence

Did you notice the launch of our NEW Twitter profile @ResNetSLT on 10th October, 2017?

We were thrilled to be invited to join @WeSpeechies for an exciting discussion hour on how Twitter has started to make an impact on our clinical practice.

Thanks to @BronwynHemsley for leading that session, and thanks to @VJoffe and City University for welcoming us.

Here's the link to the full transcript from the hour - packed with many discussion threads on what individuals have found helpful, difficult, frustrating, inspiring etc.

Throughout 2018 we're looking forward to discussing a wide range of fascinating papers with everyone

With thanks to our volunteers on the ResNetSLT Action Group for co-leading those sessions, we'll make sure all the papers are either already open access, or we'll post links from our supportive publisher contacts. We will publish the dates and papers on this site in due course.

Of course over the past year, we've found that in these fast-paced Tweetchat discussions it's not possible to follow all the interesting threads of the conversations. And the condensed nature of the Twitter exchanges means that it's not easy to develop fully articulated arguments.

So, here’s what we think - it's still a brilliant, easily accessible and equitable forum for us to exchange some views, to make speedy links to highly relevant resources and to identify people you'd like to contact later on for a more in-depth communication on the topic.

But let's complement this with sharing blogposts of slightly more extended viewpoint pieces. We'd love to hear from you – please get in touch with us by email or message @HazelRoddam1.

P.S. Are you curious about our @ResNetSLT grasshopper? This little creature lives in the field behind Hazel's house. As tiny as he is, he makes an amazingly loud noise.

It's ResNetSLT's aim to share our views to encourage evidence-based practice in our own fields of health and social care - so let's all maximise the potential of social media to help make sure our voices are heard!

Our new Twitter profile gained over 100 followers on the first day and has been growing steadily throughout the first month - help us to spread the word and keep on growing apace!