Implementation Science links & resources from our #ReSNetSLT journal club in April 2018 on this paper.

List of related implementation science references: Bornbaum, C. C., Kornas, K., Peirson, L., & Rosella, L. C. (2015). Exploring the function and effectiveness of knowledge brokers as facilitators of knowledge translation in health-related settings: a systematic review and thematic analysis. Implementation Science, 10(1), 162.

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Some examples of implementation science and AHPs specifically

Govender, R., Smith, C. H., Taylor, S. A., Barratt, H., & Gardner, B. (2017). Swallowing interventions for the treatment of dysphagia after head and neck cancer: a systematic review of behavioural strategies used to promote patient adherence to swallowing exercises. BMC cancer, 17(1), 43.

Clarke, D. J., Godfrey, M., Hawkins, R., Sadler, E., Harding, G., Forster, A., ... & Farrin, A. (2013). Implementing a training intervention to support caregivers after stroke: a process evaluation examining the initiation and embedding of programme change. Implementation Science, 8(1), 96.

Olswang, L. B., & Prelock, P. A. (2015). Bridging the gap between research and practice: Implementation science. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 58(6), S1818-S1826.

Rees, R., Wood, C. & Cavin, K. (2016) Behaviour change techniques: part one Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists Bulletin October p.16-17.

Useful Websites

Free online course
European Implementation Collaborative
Canadian database of methods and tools (Implementation Science termed Knowledge Translation in Canada)
City, University of London Implementation Research Group
@dr_know blog with plain language explanation of many Implementation Science tools
Kings Improvement Science webpages
Normalization Process Theory
UCL Centre for Behaviour Change
BCT-Taxonomy Training 

Other resources

Please click here to find out more about the ResNetSLT presentations at 10th European Congress of Speech and Language Therapy held in May 2018.

Here are some other great resources for all clinical practitioners interested in research and EBP, including the new digital Researcher Magazine from NHS R&D North West.

Thanks also to the team at CAHPR for producing these valuable Top Tips booklets on a range of topics – everyone is welcome to use these to help you in your own practice and to share with colleagues:

Preparing a scientific poster
Getting your paper published
Running a Journal Club
Getting started in research
Capturing research impact
Becoming a peer reviewer
Engaging with AHSNs
Social media
Patient and Public Involvement

Keep checking back as we'll be adding more resources soon.

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